【PFCD111】fuishoo "404 Not Found" CD

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fuishoo "404 Not Found" PFCD111 2022.12.14 Release


01. Flower Shop
02. Neon Waves
03. Kagaribi
04. October
05. Lemontea
06. Future
07. Cosmo
08. People
09. If
10. Seaside
11. Once Again


【404 Not Found】紹介文

2009年からプロのジャズピアニストとして活動を開始、2018年にクラブミュージック系のコンピレーションに参加した異色のトラックメイカーfuishoo、好評を博した2019年10月の1stアルバム『One Day In The City』より約3年、待望の2ndアルバム『404 Not Found』をリリース!


そういった要素を端的に感じられるのは例えばM1「Flower Shop」M3「Kagaribi」M5「Lemontea」M7「Cosmo」といったナンバー。またそこに上手くヴォイス要素を絡めたM2「Neon Waves」M6「Future」M7「People」そしてM9「If」らも魅力的に映える音が鳴っている。



Starting his career as a professional jazz pianist in 2009, fuishoo, a unique track maker who participated in club music compilations in 2018. 2020, the long-awaited 2nd album "404 Not Found" will be released!

While following the artist's characteristics such as "mixed lyrical and catchy," "unique and ennui," "dynamic and slow," and "uptempo groove," this work unfolds as if drawing a new story. It is finished as a work that drives the listener's imagination like a toy box.

For example, numbers such as M1 "Flower Shop" M3 "Kagaribi" M5 "Lemontea" M7 "Cosmo" can directly feel such elements. In addition, M2 "Neon Waves", M6 "Future", M7 "People" and M9 "If", which skillfully incorporate voice elements, sound attractive.

Fuishoo said, "This album was made while thinking about things that are no longer there and that have been forgotten. The passage of time has become even faster, and memories of things that have disappeared under the vast amount of information." He talks about this work, saying that it contains the wish of "one more time".

It's cool, but it's an album full of playfulness with glimpses of diverse sound backgrounds.

◆【404 Not Found】クレジット

All Tracks Written, Arranged, Mixed and Produced by fuishoo 2020~2022, Shizuoka, Japan

DDP Operated by Yoshio Machida at amorfon
Artwork by fuishoo
Layout & DTP by nik

◆プロフィール fuishoo

2017年、FOGPAK #19コンピレーションに楽曲が、VR_Sub名義として収録される。
2018年、fuishoo名義として活動を開始、多様なコンピレーションに楽曲を提供する。またOMOIDE LABELよりfuishoo名義としては初のEP「morning」をリリースする。
2019年、ヴォーカルをフィーチャリングした楽曲制作に着手し始め、10月にfuishoo名義での1stアルバム『One Day In The City』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリース。
そして2022年12月、約3年振りとなる待望の2ndアルバム『404 Not Found』をリリースする。

Track maker, DJ, jazz pianist, guitarist. He has been learning classical piano since he was three years old. He started playing the guitar by himself in junior high school, and at the same time he participated in Kawai's piano competition and won an award for excellence. In junior high school, he was in charge of the double bass in the brass band club, and in high school he belonged to the light music club.
When he was in high school, he started composing in earnest and started band activities of original songs. He also started producing dance music using a DAW. Furthermore, in high school, he started jazz piano and studied jazz theory under a professional jazz bassist.
In 2009, he started performing as a professional jazz pianist mainly in Yokohama and Tokyo, and performed with many professional musicians.
He also formed a Nu-Jazz band with the theme of fusion of jazz and club music and independently produced CDs. He also produces and provides music for TV and radio commercials at the same time.
In 2017, FOGPAK #19 compilation includes songs under the name of VR_Sub.
In 2018, he started working under the name fuishoo, providing music for various compilations. In addition, the first EP "morning" will be released under the name of fuishoo from OMOIDE LABEL.
In 2019, he started producing songs featuring vocals, and released his first album "One Day In The City" under the name of fuishoo in October from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.
And in December 2022, the long-awaited 2nd album "404 Not Found" will be released for the first time in about three years.

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