【PFCD107】Fugenn & The White Elephants "Re:Earth" CD

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Fugenn & The White Elephants "Re:Earth" PFCD107 2022.3.9 release http://www.progressiveform.com

01. Md
02. Climate
03. West Sun
04. The Will Of The Stars feat. Jessica
05. Mid
06. East Side
07. Ku-Shi
08. After Range
09. Samantabhadra
10. A Whiter Shade Of Pale feat. KURO


Two years and four months after "Layer Of Soul" released in December 2019, the long-awaited new 8th of Fugenn & The White Elephants, a gem that gives you the strength to live by sandwiching five albums as Fugenn & Tooson. The album "Re: Earth" is completed! !!

Appeared like a comet in the 1st "an4rm" in 2011, and released the 2nd "Prays" in 2012, which is a masterpiece in the history of electronica-electronic sound, and in the 4th album "BA BEACON" in 2013. Created through Fugenn & The White Elephants, a solo project by Shuji Saito that solidified the name of Fugenn & The White Elephants, the 6th album "Elevated Petal" released in 2018, and the 7th album "Layer Of Soul" in 2019. This work includes not only Fugenn's unrivaled and unique beat, glossy and lyrical sound, but also everything that expands the world view, and everyone is in a different dimension. Creative and mysterious expressions are developed as if leading to.

"Md" with a bewitching female vocal that plays the beginning of the album, M2 "Climate" with a sprinting 4-floor beat sparkling on the dance floor, and M3 "West Sun" with the sound of anthem echoing with vocals. M6 "East Side" and M4 "The Will Of The Stars" featuring vocalist Jessica with a career of more than 20 years can be said to be a song full of Fugenn's emotion.
The ending will be the soundtrack-like M9 "Samantabhadra" as if the beautiful sunset illuminates the world, and the Procol Harum "Blue Shadow" featuring Osaka-based unit iLU's vocal KURO.

The sound of Fugenn & The White Elephants, which has matured over 15 years, is always looking ahead and full of a unique sound world.

2019年12月リリースの『Layer Of Soul』より2年4ヶ月、Fugenn & Toosonとしての5枚のアルバムを挟み、生きる力強さを与えてくれるような珠玉のFugenn & The White Elephants待望の新作8thアルバム『Re:Earth』が完成!!

2011年の1st『an4rm』で彗星の如く現れ、2012年にエレクトロニカ~エレクトロニックサウンド史に燦然と輝く名盤中の名盤である2nd『Prays』を発表、2013年の4thアルバム『B A BEACON』でFugenn & The White Elephantsの名を確固たるものとしたShuji SaitoによるソロプロジェクトFugenn & The White Elephants、2018年にリリースされた6thアルバム『Elevated Petal』及び2019年の7thアルバム『Layer Of Soul』経て創出された本作は、Fugenn特有の他の追随を許さない変幻自在かつ独自のビート、艶やかで叙情性溢れるサウンドのみならず、その世界観を押し拡げるがごとくあらゆるものを内包、あらゆる者を異次元に導くかのように創造的かつ神秘的な表現が展開される。

アルバムの序章を奏でる妖艶な女性ボーカルが魅力の「Md」、疾走する4フロア・ビートがダンスフロアーに煌めくM2「Climate」、ボーカルと共にアンセムがごとく響き渡るサウンドが中毒性を誘うM3「West Sun」M6「East Side」、20年を越えるキャリアを持つボーカリストJessicaをフィーチャーしたM4「The Will Of The Stars」はFugennらしい情感に満ちた楽曲と言える。

15年を越し成熟したFugenn & The White Elephantsのサウンドは常に先を見据えつつ唯一無二の音世界に満ち溢れている。


All Tracks Written, Performed, Arranged & Produced by Shuji Saito
2018-2021 Japan

M5 Lyrics & Written by Shuji Saito & Jessica
Vocal by Jessica
M10 Lyrics & Written by Gary Brooker, Keith Reid & Matthew Fisher
Vocal by KURO

Mastered by Shuji Saito
Artwork & Layout by nik

And Special Thanks to: ALL

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¥2,160 税込