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ninomiya tatsuki "5PM" PFCD102 2021.07.14 release http://www.progressiveform.com


01. blue dream
02. 5PM
03. routes
04. VIT
05. ein
06. daydream
07. incomplete
08. arrogance
09. nightcap
10. twins
11. journey



2018年1月にボーカリストYikiiとのユニットanemoneとして同名タイトルの処女作をリリースしたコンポーザーninomiya tatsuki、2018年6月リリースのソロ名義での1st『homebody』、2019年2月リリースの2nd『laidback』、2020年10月リリースの3rd『scat』に続き、スムースかつソフィスティケートされたジャジーでメロウなHip Hopプロダクションが堪能出来る秀逸な5thアルバム『5PM』が完成!

日常生活を彩るような洗練されたメロディーやコードワークがグルーヴィーで心地良いHip Hopビートと重なり様々な世界観を描き出すプロデュースセンスは素晴らしい。

瑞々しいギターが印象的なM1「blue dream」M5「ein」、ノスタルジックなピアノが美しいM2「5PM」M3「routes」、ヴォイスがアクセントとなって躍動するM4「VIT」M7「incomplete」、まるで夢の中にいるような心地良さを感じさせるM6「daydream」「journey」をはじめ、優しく調和するように構成されたサウンドは多くのリスナーの耳に響き寄り添う極上のBGMとでも言うべきアルバム。


Composer ninomiya tatsuki who released the maiden work of the same title as a unit anemone with vocalist Yikii in January 2018, 1st "homebody" under the solo name released in June 2018, 2nd "laidback" released in February 2019, Following the 3rd "scat" released in October 2020, the excellent 5th album "5PM" that allows you to enjoy smooth and sophisticated jazzy and mellow Hip Hop production is completed!

Sophisticated melodies and chord work that color everyday life overlap with groovy and comfortable Hip Hop beats, and the production sense that draws various world views is wonderful.

M1 "blue dream" M5 "ein" with an impressive fresh guitar, M2 "5PM" M3 "routes" with a beautiful nostalgic piano, M4 "VIT" M7 "incomplete" with a voice accent, just like Including M6 "daydream" and "journey" that make you feel comfortable in your dreams, the sound that is composed to harmonize gently is an album that can be said to be the finest BGM that echoes in the ears of many listeners.

More and more attention will be paid to the glittering talents of the next generation.

【プロフィール】 ninomiya tatsuki

2018年1月にはanemoneの1stアルバム『anemone』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。
2018年6月にPROGRESSIVE FOrMから2ndアルバム『homebody』、2019年2月、3rdアルバム『laidback』をリリース。
2020年2月14日にanemoneのEP「flowers」を自主リリース、6月4日にYoshimiとのスプリットアルバム「優しい時間」をDREAM CATALOGUEから、10月14日にはソロとしての4thアルバム『scat』をリリースする。

A composer of the unit anemone with a track maker living in Niigata and Chinese artist Yikii.
He has been exposed to musical instruments such as piano and guitar since he was a child, and even though he started band activities, the lack of cooperation gives rise to the desire to "play music alone".
After that, he became interested in DTM and started making music in 2015.
While publishing his works on the internet, he is exposed to various genres of music, sublimates them within himself, and continues his activities with the theme of making the spiritual world and the image sound.
In January 2018, anemone's 1st album "anemone" will be released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.
In his own name, he released the EP "furiae" from Otherman Records in January 2018 and the album "tranquil" from fumin. In April 2018.
Released 2nd album "homebody" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in June 2018, and his 3rd album "laidback" in February 2019.
Anemone's EP "flowers" was released voluntarily on February 14, 2020, the split album "Yasashii Jikan" with Yoshimi was released from DREAM CATALOGUE on June 4, and the 4th album "scat" as a solo on October 14th. To be released.
Released the 5th album "collage" from XXX // PEKE // XXX on March 17, 2021. And on July 14th, he will release his 6th album "5PM".

発売日   : 2021年07月14日(水曜日)
アーティスト: ninomiya tatsuki(ニノミヤ・タツキ)
タイトル  : 5PM(ファイブピーエム)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD102
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 11曲
JAN     : 4526180567790

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