【PFCD101】Vegpher(Keiichi Sugimoto/杉本佳一) "Minutus" CD

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Vegpher "minutus" PFCD101 2020.11.11 Release http://www.progressiveform.com


01. Secret feat. Piana
02. A Mind Resort feat. HACO
03. Waiting
04. I am feat. Moskitoo
05. Classical Music
06. Frozen Maze feat. Moskitoo
07. VHF feat. Jessica
08. Velvet Voyager feat. Moskitoo
09. Night Owl
10. Jiff





30年近くに渡り活動をするHACOを起用した「A Mind Resort」はまさに心のリゾート感に溢れている。
FilFlaなどでも活動を共にするMoskitooをフィーチャーしたM4「I am」M6「Frozen Maze」らではらしいクールさが一層際立つ。


A hybrid beat music project "Vegpher" by sound artist / composer Keiichi Sugimoto who is also active in FilFla, FourColor, minamo, etc., and in July this year, "VOICE" recorded in DAOKO's 4th album "anima" was created under the name of Vegpher. / Arranged, and released Vegpher's long-awaited 3rd album "Minutus" on November 11th!

"Minutus" is the Latin word for "Minute", which is named "capturing the moment with sound" from the interpretation of the meaning of a small unit of time. The most impressive approach in this work is to express various real voices at that moment. However, it seems that the accuracy of the song is maximized.
Until the previous work "PLUS", it was based on electronic music from instrumental and techno, but in this work, as you can see from the track list, 4 female vocalists are appointed with 6 songs, and the remaining 4 songs are instruments. It is wonderful that the voices are arranged in various ways as exquisite accents, such as cutting up even in mental songs.

"Secret", which decorates the opening of the album, shines with Vegpher's skill, which produced Piana's melancholy voice.
"A Mind Resort", which uses HACO, which has been active for nearly 30 years, is full of the feeling of a resort in the heart.
In M3 "Waiting", the deep taste with a YMO-like scent is comfortable.
The coolness of the M4 "I am" and M6 "Frozen Maze" featuring Moskitoo, who also works with Fil Fla, stands out even more.
And Jessica, who also works as a unit Ngatari, is appointed, and "VHF", which can be said to be one of the highlights of this work, is deeply engraved with a minor tone development that corresponds to its beautiful singing voice.

Professional production that gives a glimpse of everywhere while valuing listening.
It is the best piece to color the end of 2020, which will remain in everyone's hearts.


All Tracks Produced & Composed by Keiichi Sugimoto

M1: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by Piana
M2: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by HACO
M4, M6: Lyric, Co-Composed and Vocal by Moskitoo
M7: Voice Materials by Jessica
M8: Voice Materials by Moskitoo

Mastered by KASHIWA Daisuke at Studio FLAT

Photography by Mai Komura
Design by Takaramahaya

【プロフィール】 Vegpher

FilFla、FourColorなどでも活動するサウンドアーティスト/コンポーザー杉本 佳一によるハイブリッドなビートミュージックプロジェクト《Vegpher》。リズムのインパクトと快楽的な低音のシークエンスに主眼を置いた空間的でバウンシーなダンスミュージックを志向する。
杉本の作品はそれぞれのサウンドプロジェクトにおいて、ニューヨークの12kやapestaartje、ドイツのTOM LAB、日本のHEADZなど国内外の音楽レーベルから多数リリースされており、1999年のFourColorとしてのアルバムリリース以降、ドイツのtomlab、ニューヨークの12k、日本のHEADZなど国内外のレーベルから28枚のアルバム・EP作品をリリース、関連作品は80タイトル以上に及ぶ。作品は英『THE WIRE』誌ベスト・エレクトロニカ・アルバムに選出されるなど海外でも高い評価を得ており、これまでにヨーロッパ各国をはじめアジア、オーストラリア、北米・カナダでライブパフォーマンスを行うなどグローバルな活動を続けている。
また、広告音楽の作曲家として、CM、舞台、映画、エキシビジョンなどの楽曲制作や劇伴を手がけ、音楽で参加した作品がカンヌ映画祭「若い視点賞」、フランス・エクスアンプロヴァンス映画祭「オリジナル映画音楽部門賞」、Design for Asia Award 2010 Gold Awardなどの受賞歴を持つ。映画音楽の受賞をきっかけに2007年フランス映画音楽作曲家協会(U.C.M.F)会員へ登録される。
2019年はFilFlaのアルバム『micro carnival』をHEADZからリリース。2020年、5月に12Kよりminamo & moskitoo『Superstition』を、7月にminamo『Superscience』をリリース、またDAOKOの4thアルバム『anima』1曲目に収録の「VOICE」をVegpherが作曲/編曲する。そして11月11日、前作『PLUS』に続くVegpher名義での3rdアルバム『minutus』をリリースする。

A hybrid beat music project "Vegpher" by Keiichi Sugimoto, a sound artist / composer who is also active in FilFla and FourColor. Aiming for spatial and bouncy dance music with a focus on rhythmic impact and pleasurable bass sequences.
Sugimoto's works have been released on many domestic and international music labels such as 12k in New York, apestaartje, TOM LAB in Germany, and HEADZ in Japan in each sound project. Since the album release as Four Color in 1999, tomlab in Germany , New York 12k, Japan's HEADZ and other domestic and international labels have released 28 albums and EP works, with more than 80 related works. The work has been highly acclaimed overseas, such as being selected as the best electronica album of the British "THE WIRE" magazine, and so far global activities such as performing live performances in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and Canada. Continues.
In addition, as a composer of advertising music, he has worked on music production and drama accompaniment for CM, stage, movies, exhibitions, etc., and the works he participated in in music are the Cannes Film Festival "Young Perspective Award" and the French Ex-Am Provence Film Festival "Original". He has received awards such as "Film Music Category Award" and Design for Asia Award 2010 Gold Award. In 2007, he was registered as a member of the French Film Music Composers Association (U.C.M.F) after receiving the award for film music.
In 2019, FilFla's album "micro carnival" will be released from HEADZ. In 2020, minamo & moskitoo "Superstition" will be released from 12K in May, minamo "Superscience" will be released in July, and Vegpher will compose / arrange "VOICE" recorded in the first song of DAOKO's 4th album "anima". And on November 11th, the 3rd album "minutus" under the name of Vegpher will be released following the previous work "PLUS".


発売日   : 2020年11月11日(水曜日)
アーティスト: Vegpher(ベグファー)
タイトル  : Minutus(ミヌータス)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD101
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 10曲
JAN     : 4526180540106

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