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IX/ON "Wonderer" PFCD99 2020.9.9 release http://www.progressiveform.com


01. Physis
02. Current
03. Flowers For The Broken Spirit
04. Dear
05. Citrus
06. Elemental
07. Nomos
08. Daydream
09. Mirror
10. Astrarium
11. Anemos
12. Wanderer





オープニグを飾りギターとストリングスが優しく奏でる「Physis」、深いギターの音色とリムショットが味わいを濃くするM2「Current」、本作のハイライトの1つであり洗練されたスペイシーさにベースとダウンビートが渾然一体となって異空間へと誘うM3「Flowers For The Broken Spirit」、朝焼けのようなギターをはじめとしたサウンドにポストロック的解釈が魅力のM9「Mirror」、悠久の時を紡ぐかのようなメロディーとコードがベースミュージックとして表現されるM11「Anemos」をはじめ、全編が細部に渡り丁寧にプロダクションされた楽曲群は中毒性があり、必聴と言える。

22-year-old Kanagawa-based track maker and DJ IX/ON who specializes in production that freely exchanges sounds such as UK bass music, ambient, and post-rock, its first full album "Wanderer" is the coolest. The ultimate piece of beats music essence!

This work, which was crowned as Wanderer, has a very comfortable jazz and fusion feel that seems to be hidden in the sophisticated beautiful melody line and chordwork throughout the whole, with a sharp rhythm and heavy bass. I listened to the feeling of balance that seems to overlap nicely.

"Physis", where the guitar and strings are played gently on the open nig, M2 "Current" where the tone and rim shot of the deep guitar enhances the taste, and one of the highlights of this work is refined spacey bass and downbeat. M3 "Flowers For The Broken Spirit" that invites you to a different space in unison, M9 "Mirror" with a post-rock interpretation of the sound such as a guitar like a sunrise, whether to spin an eternal time M11 "Anemos", where such melody and chords are expressed as bass music, is a addictive and must-listen song group that is carefully produced in every detail.


All Tracks Produced & Mixed by IX/ON 2017-2020 kanagawa, japan

Mastered by tyoyt
Artwork & Design by ungrochika

And Special Thanks to My Family & All Friends

◆プロフィール IX/ON

2018年、専門時代の友人tyoytが立ち上げたレーベルeartobrainに多数楽曲をリリース、同年Force Energy Records、MYORPH、OMOIDE RABELの共催によるコンピレーションアルバム「Toxsick」からSION名義で楽曲が収録される。また別名義AriesでGarageを軸に制作を始める。
2019年、IX/ON名義で活動を開始しUKベースミュージック、アンビエント、ポストロックなどの要素を取り入れた楽曲を制作し、EP 「Physis」をリリースする。
そして2020年9月、IX/ON名義での1stアルバム「Wonderer」をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。

Born in 1998, a DJ and track maker living in Kanagawa.
From junior high school, he started playing guitar and sax, jazz, rock, etc., and started to compose in earnest while belonging to the light music club in high school.
In 2018, many songs were released on the label eartobrain, which was launched by a friend tyoyt in the specialized era. In the same year, songs are recorded under the name of SION from the compilation album "Toxsick" co-sponsored by Force Energy Records, MYORPH, and OMOIDE RABEL. In addition, he started the production with Garage as alias Aries.
In 2019, he started his activities under the name of IX/ON, produced songs that incorporate elements such as UK bass music, ambient, and post rock, and released EP "Physis".
And in September 2020, 1st album "Wonderer" under the name of IX/ON will be released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.

発売日   : 2020年9月9日(水曜日)
アーティスト: IX/ON(イクシオン)
タイトル  : Wanderer(ワンダラー)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD99
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 12曲
JAN     : 4526180534730

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