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◆Tracklisting - Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK6f0y2nre0

01. 花ト成ル feat. yuuki
02. 小森詩 feat. yuuki
03. Two, Four, Six
04. Ghost Town
05. Youth
06. Chocolate Is Damn Drug
07. Down, Down, Down
08. Filter Tripper
09. Toybox
10. Broken

Listening https://soundcloud.com/progressive-form/sets/fuishoo-one-day-in-the-city

◆【One Day In The City】紹介文

2009年からプロのジャズピアニストとして活動を開始、2018年にはTREKKIE TRAXのコンピレーションに参加した異色のトラックメイカーfuishoo、本作は2018年にOMOIDE LABELよりリリースした1stEP「morning」に続く、ヴォーカル~ヴォイスを前面に打ち出した待望の1stアルバム!


一転してM3「Two, Four, Six」M4「Ghost Town」M6「Chocolate Is Damn Drug」ではTREKKIE TRAXを思わせるようなキレ味の鋭いエレクトロビートにキャッチーなコーラスが重なるテイストが非常に力強い。
またM5「Youth」M8「Filter Tripper」ではダンスミュージックをベースとしつつJazz~フュージョンやダンスクラシックスの要素が絶妙に絡む様が非常に印象的な仕上がりになっている。


Started as a professional jazz pianist in 2009, in 2018 the unique track maker fuishoo who participated in the TREKKIE TRAX compilation, this work follows the 1st EP "morning" released from OMOIDE LABEL in 2018, vocal to voice Is the long-awaited 1st album!

In this work, which was named after "I want to express a group image, scene, and drama with music in a certain day", the song group has a variety of stories of many people, but it is rich and undulating, and it develops with good tempo. To go.

Opening with one of the lead tracks of the album featuring female singer yuuki, "Hana Tonaru Lu", you can feel the various sound production work of artist fuishoo. The following “Komori poetry”, which also features yuuki, is fascinated by the beautiful melody.
Turning to M3 “Two, Four, Six”, M4 “Ghost Town”, and M6 “Chocolate Is Damn Drug”, the taste of super-beat electro beats reminiscent of TREKKIE TRAX is super strong.
The M5 “Youth” and M8 “Filter Tripper” are based on dance music and have a very impressive finish with elements of Jazz, Fusion and Dance Classics.
And the ultimate is “Broken”, which decorates the last of the album. If you listen to a ballad tune suitable for the ending that enters from the beautiful piano melody, it is like a angel and a devil.

This work is an album rich in variety only by fuishoo who has been involved in various sounds, and at the same time, its high sound producing ability and outstanding song writing ability overlap in a high dimension, so the quality and persuasive power are It is included.
Artwork is handled by Q-TA, a collage artist who is very popular in advertising.

◆『One Day In The City』Credit

All Tracks Written, Arranged, Mixed and Produced by fuishoo 2018~2019, Shizuoka, Japan

M1 Vocal & Lyrics by yuuki
M2 Vocal, Lyrics & Written by yuuki

Artwork by Q-TA www.instagram.com/qta3

◆プロフィール fuishoo

2017年、FOGPAK #19コンピレーションに楽曲が、VR_Sub名義として収録される。
2018年、fuishoo名義として活動を開始、同年TREKKIE TRAXのblanchコンピレーションに楽曲が収録される。またTREKKIE TRAX 6th AnniversaryイベントにDJとして出演、またOMOIDE LABELよりfuishoo名義としては初のEP「morning」をリリースする。
2019年、ヴォーカルをフィーチャリングした楽曲制作に着手し始める。そして10月、fuishoo名義での1stアルバム『One Day In The City』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。

A track maker, DJ, jazz pianist and guitarist living in Shizuoka. Learn classical piano from the age of three. In junior high school, he started to play guitar by himself and at the same time participated in the Kawai Piano Competition and won the Excellence Award. In junior high school, he was in charge of contrabass in the brass band, and in high school he belonged to the light music club.
In high school, he began composing in earnest and banding original music. Also started producing dance music using DAW. In high school, he started jazz piano and studied jazz theory with professional jazz bassists.
In 2009, he started performing as a professional jazz pianist mainly in Yokohama and Tokyo, and performed with many professional musicians.
He also formed a Nu-Jazz band with the theme of the fusion of jazz and club music and produced CDs independently. At the same time, he also produces and provides TV and radio commercials.
In 2017, the song will be recorded in the FOGPAK # 19 compilation under the name VR_Sub.
In 2018, she started working under the name fuishoo, and that same year, music was recorded in the Blanch compilation of TREKKIE TRAX. He also appeared as a DJ at the TREKKIE TRAX 6th Anniversary event, and released the first EP “morning” in the name of fuishoo from OMOIDE LABEL.
In 2019, he began to produce music featuring vocals. In October, fuishoo's first album “One Day In The City” will be released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.

発売日   : 2019年10月9日(水曜日)
アーティスト: fuishoo(フイショー)
タイトル  : One Day In The City(ワン・デイ・イン・ザ・シティー)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD92
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 10曲
JAN     : 4526180493839

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