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Aice "Young&Youth" PFCD90 http://www.progressiveform.com
Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iW1UbFHjSk


01. Hi There
02. How Young
03. Your World
04. Moon Pulls Anything
05. Le Moment Brillant
06. Egoing
07. All The More
08. Not Easy
09. Let It Snow
10. Young Cosmos





ギターとヴォーカルが印象的なオープニグ曲「Hi There」、エレクトロなサウンドに叙情的なヴォーカルが絡むM3「Your World」、先述のフェバリッドアーティストらを彷彿とさせる非常に印象的なフレーズを巧みに組み込んだビックトラックM4「Moon Pulls Anything」及びM8「Not Easy」、マイナー進行にヴォーカロイドと高速ビートが感傷を呼び起こすM5「Le Moment Brillant」、流麗なストリングスに心が震え和的な香りもするM9「Let It Snow」を初め、全編に渡り紡がれた音の波には驚かされるばかりだ。


Happy & Sentimental! The debut album "Young & Youth" by 22-year-old weak electronic music artist Aice, based in Seoul, is a superb piece filled with the essence of the coolest electro dance music!

It seems that the sound that artists such as Porter Robinson, Mashimero, and ZEDD were influenced by Febarid maximized the attractiveness of each song with a preeminent sense that does not seem to be 22 years old.

Open nigu song "Hi There" where guitar and vocal are impressive, M3 "Your World" where lyrical vocals are involved in electro sound, skillfully incorporating extremely impressive phrases reminiscent of the previous Febarid artists Big Tracks M4 "Moon Pulls Anything" and M8 "Not Easy", M5 "Le Moment Brillant" where vocaloid and high-speed beats evoke emotions in minor progression, M9 "the heart shudder and fragrant scent in flowing strings" You will be amazed at the wave of sound that has been spun across the entire film, beginning with Let It Snow.

It is a talent to check by all means as a young master of electro-dance music.

◆プロフィール Aice

Porter Robinsonが1番のフェイバリッドアーティストと言い、他にはMashmellow、Zedd、M83(仏)、Limperatrice(仏)、Urban cone(スウェーデン)といったアーティストに影響を受ける。

2017年3月にノルウェーの首都オスロを拠点とするレーベルmagnified recordingsよりフューチャーベースなシングル「Ocean」をリリース、また2018年6月には韓国のKawaii Recordsのコンピレーションアルバム『kawaii compation vol.2』に楽曲「Maybe I can see」を提供する。

そして2019年7月10日、デビューアルバム『Young&Youth』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。

A solo project Aice based on electronic music by Min Hyun Suk, born in 1996 and weakly 22 years old and living in Seoul, Korea.
Since the band's activities since 2012, he has been active in the Seoul music scene.
Warm chord progression and lyrical melody are the main features of the Aice sound.
Porter Robinson is the number one favorite artist, and others are influenced by artists such as Mashmellow, Zedd, M83 (France), Limperatrice (France), Urban cone (Sweden).

Released a future-based single "Ocean" from the label magnified recordings based in Oslo, Norway, in March 2017, and in June 2018 a song on the compilation album "kawaii compilation vol.2" of Korean Records by Kawaii Records Provides "Maybe I can see".

And on July 10, 2019, debut album "Young & Youth" is released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.

発売日   : 2019年7月10日(水曜日)
アーティスト: Aice(アイス)
タイトル  : Young&Youth(ヤング・アンド・ユース)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD90
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 10曲
JAN     : 4526180485117

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