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"to lie latent" Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucDkXMTfwpk


01. The Cycles Of Life
02. Music (Hypo77 Arrange Ver)
03. 2113 (2019 Ver)
04. Maboroshi
05. 砂の城
06. 静かな嵐は過ぎ去って
07. Utakata
08. Himeshi-Lucy feat. Smany (yuichi NAGAO remix)
09. ・A・ feat. U-zhaan
10. 夜間飛行
11. あれから


◆【to lie latent】紹介文


潜在的なという意味のアルバムタイトル「to lie latent」と冠された本作を聴くにつれ、改めてコンポーザーとしてのSmanyというアーティストの魅力、また音域が広く素晴らしい声質や表現力の多彩さかつ繊細さといったヴォーカリストとしての才能を感じざるをえない。
それは冒頭でも触れた名曲「2113」、壮大な情景を描いた「静かな嵐は過ぎ去って」、深い精神性を感じさせる「・A・ feat.U-zhaan」のみならず、オープニングを飾り‪Sigur Rós‬を彷彿とさせるインストゥルメンタル「The Cycles Of Life」、軽快なリズムがポップなダンスチューン「Music」、感傷と風景が交差するエンディングの「あれから」をはじめ、様々な世界観を表現出来うる幅広いバックグランドを感じさせながら、アルバムが一重の糸によって紡がれそっと包み込まれる感覚は、Smanyという人物の深く豊かなアーティスト性を色濃く写し出している。


アートワークは、シュールレアリズムの手法、デペイズマンの影響を強く受け、ユーモアのあるデザイン、根拠のあるデザイン、ターゲティングされたデザインを制作する事を信念とし評価の高いグラフィックデザイナー兼写真家ISAMYU / YUKI MOTEGIが担当。
マスタリングはミュージシャン/アレンジャー/レコーディング・エンジニア/作曲家/ライターとしても定評の中村 公輔が担当。

From the 1st album 'komoriuta' released from Bunkaikei-records which are males of the online label in 2013, the 2nd album 'polyphenic' in 2014, and the 3rd album 'kotoba' in 2017, while being released repeatedly and constantly at home and abroad The artist Smany, who has continued to collaborate with many artists and has been highly praised, this work is based on the best take selected from the three albums released from the decomposition records, and the masterpiece's highly praised "2113" 2019 The long-awaited first physical work that will be the fourth album composed of attractive songs such as “.A.” Featuring the version and unreleased song “Night Flight” and Tabla player ‪U-zhaan‬!

As I listen to this work, which is crowned with the album title "to lie latent" in the meaning of potential, the vocalist of Smany as a composer, the attractiveness of the artist as a composer, and the wide range and excellent voice quality, variety of expression and subtlety I can not but feel the talent as
It is not only the famous song "2113" mentioned at the beginning, "a quiet storm goes by" depicting a magnificent scene, ". A. feat. U-zhaan" that makes you feel deep spirituality, as well as the opening decorated with Sigur A variety of world views can be expressed, including the instrumental "The Cycles Of Life" reminiscent of Rós, the dance tune "Music" with light rhythm, and "from that" where sentimental and landscape cross The sense that the album is spun by a single thread and wrapped up gently while making you feel the broad background that can be taken out reflects the deep and rich artistness of the person Smany.

This work is a vocal work in the sound that electronic and acoustic have been connected richly so far, it has full potential to show the album covering the 2010's, and also the future of the 2020's looking forward. It can be said that
It will illuminate people as if a gentle light is coming in, for those who have ever touched Smany and others.

Artwork is highly evaluated graphic designer and photographer ISAMYU / YUKI MOTEGI, with a belief in creating humoral designs, ground-based designs, and targeted designs that are strongly influenced by the methods of surrealism and depaysmen. Responsible.
Mastering is in charge of the well-known musician / arranger / recording engineer / composer / writer as well as the well-known Kousuke Nakamura.

◆『to lie latent』クレジット

All Tracks Written, Performed, Arranged, Mixed and Produced by Smany 2012~2019, Tokyo, Japan

M2 Arranged by Hypo77
M3 Viola by Tamaki Endo
Cello by Masaru
M6 Bass by Jun Toyoda
M8 Written & Rap by Himeshi
Remixed by yuichi NAGAO
M9 Tabla by U-zhaan
M1/4/5/6/7/9/11 Mixed by Pakchee (Hz-recors)

Mastered by Kosuke Nakamura

Photography & Artwork by ISAMYU
Hair & Make by Yumi Seki
Hair Direction by Soichiro Uchida (LECO)

M1 Originally Released from "komoriuta" BK-K_038
M2/3/4/11 Originally Released from "polyphenic" BK-K_043
M5/6/7/9 Originally Released from "kotoba" BK-K_051

2013年、分解系レコーズより1stアルバム『komoriuta』をリリース、OUT OF DOTS、Red Bull Music Academy Weekender EMAF TOKYO 2013等のイベントに出演。
2015年、world's end girlfriend、‪Vampillia‬、中原中也のスプリットアルバム『在りし日の声』に朗読者として参加。
2017年9月 バンド"えすめにーと愉快なにゃんにゃんオーケストラ"を結成。
その他、ベルリン在住のYu Miyashita、タブラ奏者の‪U-zhaan‬、yuichi NAGAO、LLLL、アメリカのエレクトロポップバンド ビリンダブッチャーズ、フランスkitsuné所属のManast LL'等、国内外問わず数多くのアーティストとコラボレーションしている。
そして2019年6月、初のフィジカル盤となる4thアルバム『to lie latent』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。

Composer, vocalist and performer living in Tokyo.
Smany grow up in an environment full of classical music, western music, Japanese music and music under the influence of my family from my childhood.
Learn classical ballet from 5 to 12 years old.
He belongs to the chorus club in junior high school and to the light music club and dance club in high school.
In 2003, he was in charge of performances, electronic musical instruments, VJ, etc. as front-man S-many of techno rock band.
In 2005, he started producing solo music at the same time as the band was inactive.
In 2013, he released his 1st album "komoriuta" from exploded records and appeared in events such as OUT OF DOTS and Red Bull Music Academy Weekender EMAF TOKYO 2013.
In 2014, released the 2nd album 'polyphenic' from the decomposition records
In 2015, he joined the world's end girlfriend, ‪ Vampillia ‬, Chuya Nakahara's split album "The Voice of the Day" as a good reader.
In 2017, 3rd album "kotoba" released.
September 2017 Formed a band "Essume ni Toki no Nyan Nyan Orchestra".
Other collaborations with artists such as Yu Miyashita in Berlin, ‪ U-zhaan タ ブ by tabla player, yuichi NAGAO, LLLL, American electro pop band 'Billinda Butchers', Manast LL' from kitsuné in France, etc. There is.‬
In June 2019, he released his first physical album, the 4th album "to lie latent" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.

発売日   : 2019年6月12日(水曜日)
アーティスト: Smany(エスメニー)
タイトル  : to lie latent(トゥー・ライ・レイタントゥ)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD89
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 11曲
JAN     : 4526180482376

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