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"Trace Of A Dream" Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV0970aHjD4


01. Trace Of A Dream
02. Passage
03. Tears
04. Winter Flower
05. Dimples
06. White Night
07. Moments
08. Silence, Warm & Bright
09. Sky
10. Children
11. Sea Of Stars
12. Alone
13. June

M1, 6 & 9 Vocal by marucoporoporo
M2, 4, 11 & 12 Vocal by Smany
M3 Vocal by Hiroe
M5 & 7 Vocal by Layla Tomomi Sakai
M8 Vocal by Takara Araki


◆【Trace Of A Dream】紹介文

ソリッドなリズム・メインキングとポップかつ叙情性をともなうメロディーセンスが光るエレクトロニックサウンドを特徴とするプロデューサー塚原啓によるソロ・プロジェクトrakia、本作は2016年10月リリースした1stアルバム『Eclectic Color』以来約2年半振りとなる待望の2ndアルバム!


M1/6/9ではmarucoporoporo、M2/4/11/12ではSmany、M3ではHiroe、M5/7ではLayla Tomomi Sakai、M8ではTakara Arakiがボーカルで参加。

オープニングを飾るタイトル曲でmarucoporoporoが参加した「Trace Of A Dream」、Takara Arakiが参加したM8「Silence, Warm & Bright」、Smanyが参加したM11「Sea Of Stars」では、タイトなビーツとポジティブな雰囲気のトラックにそれぞれの優しく洗練された歌声が絡み非常に叙景深い楽曲に仕上がっている。
またSmanyが参加したM2「Passage」とM4「Winter Flower」ではSmanyの可憐な歌声に合った哀愁感が非常に魅力的である。
一転し、Layla Tomomi Sakaiの歌声に合ったrakiaの特徴の1つでもあるブラックネス~ファンクネスなアプローチを感じさせるM5「Dimples」とM7「Moments」をはじめ、収録全13曲全てが濃厚であり個々の出来映えも素晴らしい楽曲群の集合体としての見事なアルバムに結実している。

アーティストによる『Trace Of A Dream』へのコメント
タイトルの「Trace of a dream」は私にとって特別な言葉です。電子音とヴォーカルを用いて、夢の記憶と現実の橋渡し‥的にアプローチしたらどうだろうと。

Producer with solid rhythm · main king and pop and melodious accompaniment with lyrics Producer featuring electronic sound shining by sense Hiroshi Tsukahara rakia, this work since the first album "Eclectic Color" released in October 2016 about 2 A long-awaited second album that will be a half year old!
From downtempo to beats that reminds me of running feeling, the sound of wearing nostalgia with melodic as well as highly anticipated previous work, including 5 vocalists in this work featuring 11 songs in 13 songs It is a big point that we have greatly expanded our power.
Small at M1 / ​​6/9, Smany at M2 / 4/11/12, Hiroe at M3, Layla Tomomi Sakai at M5 / 7 and Takara Araki at M8 participated in vocals.
"Trace Of A Dream" in which the marucoporoporo participated in the opening song, M8 "Silence, Warm & Bright" participated by Takara Araki, M11 "Sea Of Stars" where Smany participated, tight beets and positive atmosphere Each tangled and sophisticated singing voice is associated with each track, and it is finished in a music highly deeply depicted.
In addition, Smany's M2 "Passage" and M4 "Winter Flower" feel Smile's melancholy singing voice is very attractive.
All 13 songs including the M5 "Dimples" and M7 "Moments" that makes you feel a black-ness ~ funkiness approach that is one of the features of rakia that suits the singing voice of Layla Tomomi Sakai Individual workmanship has been fruited as a splendid album as a collection of wonderful pieces of music.
Art work is handled by Misa Yonai, a popular painter who expresses fantastic paintings with acrylic / oil / ink / manicure etc etc.
Comments on "Trace Of A Dream" by artists
The title "Trace of a dream" is a special word for me. Why do not you use electronic sounds and vocals to approach dream memories and reality bridges ...?
The challenge to the vocal album was the theme of this time and it was also the source of music creation.
Because it was because I was convinced that voices played an important role playing a role in the whole phenomenon (time passage) that can be felt from songs, not just parts of music.
Under such a concept, we gathered various fragments of sounds as a work while inspiring from the scenery of a visiting destination, historical masterpieces (Yokoyama Taiki, Kano Kanoi, Millet, Monet, Munch) It was.

◆『Trace Of A Dream』クレジット

All Tracks Produced, Composed & Mixed by rakia, 2017~2019 Japan

M1, 6 & 9 Vocal by marucoporoporo
M2, 4, 11 & 12 Vocal by Smany
M3 Vocal by Hiroe
M5 & 7 Vocal by Layla Tomomi Sakai
M8 Vocal by Takara Araki

Mastered by Shun Yamaguchi

Artwork by misayo yonai

◆プロフィール rakia

2004年、ユナイテッドアローズ主催のブラジリアンダンスイベント<Tsukiji Manson:ツキジマンソン>にDJとして参加、たかぎまゆ、康本雅子らと共演する。
2006年、J-waveの坂本龍一<Radio Sakamoto>にて「We got the funk」が優秀作品としてノミネートされる。後に複数曲のノミネートを経て<Radio Sakamoto>を卒業。
2016年10月、rakia名義での1stアルバム『Eclectic Color』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリース。
またライブ活動などでは、2017年9月にTechno Lounge Night、10月にQUEST00、11月にvague parade voi.6に参加。
2018年1月にQUEST01、またMagic Island Japan Tourにゲストとして参加。5月にvague parade vol.11、8月にs/n vol.3に参加する。9月にOffice si-no主催の平家女人抄(舞台/能物語)に楽曲提供、及び朗読家の青木ひろこ、篠笛奏者の狩野嘉宏、宝生流能楽師の安久津和夫らと共演。11月にbliss in the darkに参加する。
そして2019年3月、満を持して高密度かつ洗練された2ndアルバム『Trace of a dream』をリリースする。

A solo project by Akira Tsukahara.
In 2004 participate as a DJ at Brazilian Dance Event <Tsukiji Manson: Tsukiji Manson> sponsored by United Arrows, Takagi Mayu, Masako Kasamoto and others.
In 2006, "We got the funk" is nominated as an excellent work at Ryuichi Sakamoto <Radio Sakamoto> of J-wave. He graduated from <Radio Sakamoto> after several nominations of songs.
We also provide ambient music to Nago Spa Resort Hotel.
In addition, I participate in arrangements of funk bands regardless of genre, music provision for idols, and various track downs.
After the charging period from 2008 to 2014, music production will resume from 2015.
In October 2016, the first album "Eclectic Color" under rakia name was released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.
In live activities etc, I joined Techno Lounge Night in September 2017, QUEST 00 in October and vague parade voi 6 in November.
Participated in QUEST 01 in January 2018 and Magic Island Japan Tour as a guest. I participate in vague parade vol.11 in May and s / n vol.3 in August. In September he played music with Heike Women's Journal (Stage / Noe Monogatari) sponsored by Office si-no, with reader Aoki Hiroko, shinigame player Kano Hiroyuki, and Hohwa Stage Noh master Akutsu Kazue. I will participate in bliss in the dark in November.
And in March, 2019, we released a high-density and sophisticated 2nd album "Trace of a dream" full.

発売日   : 2019年3月13日(水曜日)
アーティスト: rakia(ラキア)
タイトル  : Trace Of A Dream(トレイス・オブ・ア・ドリーム)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD87
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 13曲
JAN     : 4526180475538

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