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ninomiya tatsuki "laidback" PFCD86


01. in the world
02. window feat. Sleep walker krow
03. nostalgia
04. midnight
05. self-portrait feat. Sonarr
06. mania
07. ocelot
08. loser
09. twilight feat. fraqsea
10. sepia
11. timid
12. flat



2018年1月にボーカリストYikiiとのユニットanemoneとして同名タイトルの処女作をリリースしたコンポーザーninomiya tatsuki、ブレイクとサンプリングにスポットをあて2018年6月にリリースされたソロ名義での1stアルバム『homebody』から約8ヶ月、より成熟されたプロダクションが目映い輝きを放つ秀逸・必聴の2ndフルアルバム『laidback』が完成!

アルバムのオープニングを飾る「in the world」、M3「nostalgia」、M8「ocelot」では洗練されたピアノやローズなどの鍵盤に絶妙な声ネタがハマる抜群なセンスの良さを感じさせる。また、ブレイクと女性ボーカルとの絡みが非常に魅力的なM4「midnight」とM11「timid」、重いビートに様々な上ネタが重なるM6「mania」、色々な情景をイメージさせる叙情的なインストM7「loser」M10「sepia」をはじめ、収録全12曲全てが濃厚であり個々の出来映えも素晴らしい作品となっている。

M2「window」では、1991年生まれで新潟を拠点に2枚のCD-r音源/ビートメイカー名義kragamusaで制作したマイクリレイ曲「オトノヨスガ」7inch/「Movement」ep(2017年)をリリースしたラッパー兼ビートメイカーsleep walker krow a.k.a kragamusaをフィーチャー、疾走するビートにジャジーな上ネタが配置されたトラックにクールなラップが響き渡る。
M5「self-portrait」では、新潟を拠点にこれまで『MY SAVAGENESS BEHIND YOU(2012)』『陸(2017)』『UUV(2018)』という3枚のアルバムをリリースしているラッパー兼ビートメイカーSonarrをフィーチャー、ピアノにロービートが心地良いトラックに畳み掛けるようなラップの対比が絶妙な印象を残している。
そしてM9「twilight」では、Fugenn & The White Elephants、Pawn、LLLL、M-KODAらのアルバムにボーカル参加しつつ、2016年にはPROGRESSIVE FOrMより2ndアルバム『Star Cocktail』をリリースしたfraqseaをフィーチャー、スペイシーなサウンドにfraqseaのウィスパーな歌声が映える甘美な出来となった。

Jazzy Hip Hop的アプローチを中心としつつ、そこに多種多様かつ濃密なエッセンスを融合させるその手腕は特筆に値する。Hip Hopからクラブ~エレクトロニック・サウンド、またジャジー性を持ったサウンドなど、多くの様々なリスナーにとってあらゆる情景に寄り添う究極のBGMとでも言うべき至高のアルバムとなった。

Composer ninomiya tatsuki who released a virgin work of the same name as unit anemone with vocalist Yikii in January 2018, from the 1st album "homebody" in solo name released in June, 2018, spotted on break and sampling 8 months, a more mature production is showing out the splendor Hidehide · listen 2nd full album "laidback" completed!

In this work as well, the stunning beat production by break use is sharp and clear, and even in the truck makeup, it is finished in a work that feels full sense and balance feeling in full story.
In "the in the world" opening the album, M3 "nostalgia", M8 "ocelot" make you feel the superb sense of excitement that exquisite voice stuff hits the keyboard such as sophisticated piano and rose. In addition, M4 "midnight" and M11 "timid" which are involved with break and female vocals are extremely attractive, M6 "mania" where various upper stories overlap heavy beats, lyrical instruments that visualize various scenes M7 "Loser" M10 "sepia", all the 12 recorded songs are rich and individual workmanships are also a wonderful work.

As a more remarkable point, it can be said that this work is in the appointment of vocalist and rapper and its workmanship.
M2 "window" was born in 1991, based in Niigata based on two CD-r sound sources / beat maker named "kragamusa" Mike Crayley song "Otonoyosuga" 7inch / "Movement" ep (2017) released a wrapper and beat Maker sleep walker krow aka kragamusa featuring cool rap echoes on the track on which jazzy top stories are placed on the running beat.
In M5 "self-portrait", based on Niigata, a rapper and a beat maker Sonarr who has released three albums "MY SAVAGENESS BEHIND YOU (2012)", "Land (2017)" and "UUV (2018) Featuring an exquisite impression of the contrast of lap that the low beat folds into a pleasant track on the piano.
And in M9 "twilight" featuring fraqsea which released 2nd album "Star Cocktail" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in 2016 while participating vocal in albums of Fugenn & The White Elephants, Pawn, LLLL, M-KODA, It became a luscious achievement that whisper singing voice of fraqsea shone in a sound.

His focus on Jazzy Hip Hop approach, its ability to blend a wide variety of dense essences with it is worth noting. From Hip Hop it became the ultimate album to say as the ultimate BGM closely to every scene for many different listeners, including clubs - electronic sounds and jazzy sounds.


all tracks composed, produced & mixed by ninomiya tatsuki

02. lyrics & vocal by Sleep walker krow
05. lyrics & vocal by Sonarr
09. vocal by fraqsea

artwork by dobashi isao

◆プロフィール ninomiya tatsuki

2018年1月にはanemoneの1stアルバム『anemone』をPROGRESSIVE FOrMよりリリースする。
2018年6月にPROGRESSIVE FOrMから2ndアルバム『homebody』を、そして2019年2月、3rdアルバム『laidback』をリリースする。

Composer of unit anemone with vocal Yikii, born in 1992, track maker.
I touched a musical instrument such as a piano and a guitar and start a band activity, but from the absence of cooperative possession, I can not find the pleasures of doing music with people, the feeling of "I want to do music alone" budding.
I will be interested in DTM who can produce music alone later, and start production of music at DTM in 2015.
Originally I was going to mainly play song mono lock, but like to touch various music genres, sublimate them to themselves, to keep a diary without getting caught in genre with the theme of making spiritual world / mind as sound It continues music activity in a sense.
In January 2018, we release anemone's first album "anemone" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM.
In the name of the person himself, in January 2018 EP "furiae" was released from Otherman Records, in April 2018 the album "tranquil" was released online from fumin.
We release 2nd album "homebody" from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in June 2018, and 3rd album "laidback" in February 2019.

発売日   : 2019年2月6日(水曜日)
アーティスト: ninomiya tatsuki(ニノミヤ・タツキ)
タイトル  : laidback(レイドバック)
販売元   : ULTRA-VYBE, INC.
規格番号  : PFCD86
価格(CD) : 税抜本体価格¥2,200
収録曲数  : 12曲
JAN     : 4526180473411

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