digital - Kei Sato "Constellation Journeys" PFCD91(

01. π Aquarii
02. Zaurak
03. Alsuhail Almuhlif
04. δ Cygni
05. μ Centauri
06. μ Sagittari
07. Al Suhail al Wazn
08. ζ Volantis
09. Deneb
10. φ Sagittarii
11. Vega
12. Hamal
13. Algenib

◆【Constellation Journeys】紹介文

仙台市を拠点に、自然光景や情景など自身の表現したい音像を織り交ぜながら作曲活動を続けるKei Sato、PROGRESSIVE FOrMからリリースした1stアルバムより約3年半、待望の2ndアルバム『Constellation Journeys』が完成。

『星座の旅』と名付けられた本作『Constellation Journeys』はそのタイトルの通り、大いなる空や果てしない宇宙を感じさせるスケール感の大きなサウンドが特徴となっており、かつアーティストの特徴でもある情景を感じさせるテイスト、また様々なアプローチのビートメイキングとも相俟って各曲またアルバムの魅力を確かなものとしています。

オープニングを飾る壮大な「π Aquarii(みずがめ座パイ星)」、叙情的なメロディーで構成されるM2「Zaurak(エリダヌス座ガンマ星)」とM3「Alsuhail Almuhlif(アルゴ座ガンマ星)」、天空を無数の星が覆い尽くすようなM4「δ Cygni(はくちょう座デルタ星)」とM11「Vega(こと座アルファ星)」、未知への誘いが高揚感を感じさせるM5「μ Centauri(ケンタウルス座ミュー星)」とM7「Al Suhail al Wazn(ほ座ラムダ星)」を初め、『星座の旅』を存分に堪能出来る内容となっています。


アーティストによる本作『Constellation Journeys』へのコメント

Electronic music with melodies and chords that impress nostalgia and make you feel singing!
Based in Sendai City, Kei Sato, who continues to compose music while intermingling the sound images he wants to express, such as natural scenery and scenery, about three and a half years from the first album released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM, the long-awaited second album `` Constellation Journeys '' is completed .

Constellation Journeys, the title of "Constellation Journeys", features a large-scale sound that makes you feel the great sky and the endless universe. Combined with the taste to be made and the beat making of various approaches, the charm of each song or album is assured.

The magnificent “π Aquarii” (Pi Aquarius) celebrates the opening, the M2 “Zaurak” (a gamma star Eridanus) and M3 “Alsuhail Almuhlif” (a gamma star Argo) composed of lyrical melodies, The M4 “δ Cygni (Cygna Delta)” and M11 “Vega (Alpha Kotos)” that countless stars cover, and the M5 “μ Centauri” (Centaur constellation) that the invitation to the unknown gives a sense of excitement Mu star) and M7 “Al Suhail al Wazn” (Lambda star), and the contents of “Constellation Journey” can be fully enjoyed.

Please enjoy the sound journey around the 13 constellations and the world view where the imagination spreads infinitely.

Artists comment on Constellation Journeys
This album was created with the theme of "stars". The song title is the name of the birth star on the day the song was created.
The scenes and scenes you see and the various emotions and thoughts you see in your production while living everyday come out as slight sounds.
When we finished it as a single song, we sewed the orchestra and the electronic sound together to create a sound image.
I am glad that everyone who listens to this album will feel the scenes and scenes in which the slight sound "stars" gather.

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