digital - kokubu "Creation From Consensus" PFCD93(

01. Lathe
02. Invention
03. Previous Arrangement
04. Measurement
05. Stagnation
06. Transportation
07. Verification
08. Accelerate
09. Confirmation
10. Commanding View
11. Measurement rakia Remix
12. Previous Arrangement ninomiya tatsuki Remix
13. Transportasion House Of Tapes Remix
14. Confirmation Kita Kouhei Remix

◆【Creation From Consensus】紹介文


仙台を拠点に活動する名うてのミュージシャン4名、PROGRESSIVE FOrMでの4枚を含む6枚のアルバムを2011年から2017年にかけてリリースしてきたM-Koda(作曲、鍵盤、マニピュレーター)、オルタナティブバンドSugarmanのフロントマンmon(ギター)、普段はJazz Sax奏者として活躍しながら個人でも電子音楽を制作するShota Katsube(管楽器)、二人組インストバンドCONTRAIREのギター&ドラムを担当しながら作曲もするobt(パーカッション)により結成されたバンドkokubu、その研ぎすまされた1stアルバム『Creation From Consensus』が完成!


『Creation From Consensus』というタイトルからも感じられるように、4人のメンバーがそれぞれに解釈に解釈を重ね、理解に理解を重ね導き出された答え=サウンドには彼等独自の魔法が施されている。
M3「Previous Arrangement」では70~80年代のスイートなフュージョン・サウンドを彷彿とさせる出色の出来映え。

また本作ではオリジナル楽曲に続き、PROGRESSIVE FOrMでアルバムをリリースする4組、ninomiya tatsuki、rakia、House Of Tapes、北 航平がリミックスで参加しています。

Four famous musicians based in Sendai, M-Koda (composition, keyboard, manipulator) who released 6 albums including 4 at PROGRESSIVE FOrM from 2011 to 2017, front of alternative band Sugarman Man mon (guitar), usually formed as a Jazz Sax player, while personally producing electronic music, Shota Katsube (wind instrument), duo instrumental band CONTRAIRE guitar and drum composer obt (percussion) Band kokubu completes its sharpened 1st album “Creation From Consensus”!

Although it is 1st, the ensemble played by musicians who have been active for almost 10 years each, the sound is exhaustive.
As if the scenery of the car window changes in various ways, elements such as funk, jazz, alternative rock scent, and electronic sound are replaced with each other, changing the distribution and changing the distribution.

As can be seen from the title “Creation From Consensus”, the four members have each interpreted and interpreted, and the answer is derived from understanding and understanding. The sound has their own magic. .
In the opening of the “Lathe” followed by “Lathe”, which adorns the name of the kokubu, the M2 “Invention” has a solid rhythm, a sharp guitar and a groovy horn.
The M3 “Previous Arrangement” is a work of color that is reminiscent of the sweet fusion sound of the 70s and 80s.
And one of the highlights of this work, M5 “Stagnation”, the sound of a rose, where the sound matured around beauty melodies is developed, is also excellent.
M8 “Accelerate” is a tune that you can't wait to see as the title, and you want to watch it live.
In addition, M4 “Measurement”, which has a very impressive melody development of the horn in the break, and M9 “Confirmation”, which has a pleasant rock sound, is finished in a very dense album.

In this work, following the original music, 4 groups that will release albums at PROGRESSIVE FOrM, ninomiya tatsuki, rakia, House Of Tapes, and Kouhei Kita will participate in the remix.

◆【Creation From Consensus】クレジット

All Tracks Written, Performed, Arranged and Produced by kokubu

kokubu are mon (Guitar)
Shota Katsube (Brass Instruments)
obt (Percussion)
M-Koda (Composetion, Keyboards and Manipulator)

Except M11 Remix by rakia
M12 Remix by ninomiya tatsuki
M13 Remix by House Of Tapes
M14 Remix by Kita Kouhei

Mastered by Yoshio Machida from amorfon
Artwork by Satoshi Kanno

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