digital - Various Artists "MOMENT 2" PFCD95(

01. Anemone - Killing Me Softly
02. Yuichi Nagao - Harmonia feat. Makoto
03. Shohei Amimori - Kuzira
04. Fugenn & The White Elephants - State Of Mind feat. KURO from iLU
05. VOQ - Ĉielarko
06. Satohyoh - Sukimakaze To Mikansei Na Uta
07. Fraqsea - Always With U
08. Super Magic Hats - Sleepless
09. Guitarsisyo - Redo feat. KURO from iLU
10. Abirdwhale - I Never Know
11. Nu:Gravity - Dorime
12. M-Koda - I Need Run Ahead feat. Mon
13. iLU - Today
14. Soejima Takuma - Coelacanth feat. Smany
15. LASTorder - Clockwork feat. Utae
16. Ninomiya Tatsuki - Regret
17. Kita Kouhei - I Can Not Remember Blue

◆【Music Video】
01. Anemone "Killing Me Softly"
02. Yuichi Nagao "Harmonaia feat. Makoto" MV
03. Shohei Amimori "Kuzira with Satoko Shibata"
04. Fugenn & The White Elephants "State Of Mind feat. KURO from iLU"
05. VOQ "ĉielarko"
07. Fraqsea "Always With U "
08. Super Magic Hats "Sleepless"
11. Nu:Gravity "Dorime"
13. iLU "today"
14. Soejima Takuma "Coelacanth feat. Smany"
16. Ninomiya Tatsuki "Regret"
17. Kita Kouhei "I Can Not Remember Blue"

◆【MOMENT 2】紹介文


Fugenn & The White Elephants、網守将平、VOQ(オルガノラウンジ)、LASTorder、M-Koda、fraqsea、Smany、Utaeをはじめとした多数アーティストが参加した必聴コンピ!




Investigating over time, sound that lasts forever

A must-try compilation with many artists including Fugenn & The White Elephants, Shohei Amimori, VOQ (Organo Lounge), LASTorder, M-Koda, fraqsea, Smyny, Utae and more!

The second installment of MOMENTS released in December 2015, this vocal blends into a variety of electronic and acoustic-based sounds, and consists of the finest songs in which each element beautifully overlaps. I am.
It is an album that many people can enjoy comfortably and tastefully in various seasons and situations.

In addition, 12 out of 17 songs (about 76 minutes) included in this work also have original music videos, which are contents that you can enjoy from the visual aspect.

It is a magic box of high quality sound, and it is an album that many people can listen to for a long time.

¥ 1,980


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