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01. same old tomorrow's glow
02. 天気雨 feat. airi hashimoto
03. toro
04. astraea feat. airi hashimoto
05. rain is always looking for clouds
06. bange feat. kota okuyama
07. alphabetagammadelta
08. ongoing
09. rufous scene
10. ランプを灯せば feat. airi hashimoto
11. little sense monologue
12. break in the parking
13. reprize
14. ただ広い暗闇、欠伸をした信号機 feat. airi hashimoto
15. the hot-air balloon floating in the chilly sky


◆【feel like, feel right】紹介文


《好きと感じること、正しいと感じること。角度が変われば「正しさ」は変わる。誰かに教えたり、誰かを支えるとき、「正しさ」に迷う。「好きと感じること」を教える、「好きという気持ち」で支える。自ずと「正しさ」に繋がる。》として名付けられた『feel like, feel right』では、ピアノ、ギターやアコースティック楽器の音を中心に、味わい深いサンプルや豊かな景色の音を混ぜ合わせることで、田舎の景色や情緒溢れる日本の原風景に寄り添ったかのようなオリジナリティー溢れるサウンドが展開されている。

叙情的なピアノが導くM1「same old tomorrow's glow」M15「the hot-air balloon floating in the chilly sky」、リラックスさが心地良いM3「toro」M8「ongoing」、音楽制作仲間であるkota okuyamaがギターとコーラスで参加したM6「bange」、ジャジーなアプローチが気持ち良いM7「alphabetagammadelta」、鍵盤と弦により奏でられるどこまでも美しいM9「rufous scene」とハーモニカがノスタルジーを広げるM12「break in the parking」をはじめ聴き所が詰まったアルバムだが特筆すべきは1st同様に参加している橋本愛里のボーカル曲であろう。

2010年にデビュー~HMVのキャンペーン「NEXT ROCK ON」で最優秀ルーキーに選出~ガールズバンド「スパンクル」のボーカルであった、わらべ歌と考古学を学んだボーカリスト橋本愛里が歌うM2/4/10/14の4曲では、彼女の透明感ある声を生かしたsatohyohのソングライターとしての才能を感じる事が出来、本作の魅力をより一層高みへと導いている。

Sometimes gentle, sometimes painful, beautiful research echoes.
Satohyoh, who lives in Akita Prefecture and has gained a large number of fans overseas through SoundCloud in the `` Sound Memo '' series that releases acoustic sounds to the sound of landscape and adds techniques such as sampling, the first distribution released in April 2017 Approximately two years since the 1st album "inacagraphy +", which is a work, the long-awaited 2nd album of satohyoh, whose musical maturity has greatly increased, is completed!

《Feels like and feels right. If the angle changes, "correctness" changes. When you teach or support someone, you get lost in the “rightness”. Teach "feeling like" and support with "feeling like". It naturally leads to “correctness”. In "feel like, feel right", the original scenery of the countryside and the atmosphere full of emotion by mixing tasteful samples and rich scenery sounds, mainly the sounds of pianos, guitars and acoustic instruments. A sound full of originality as if you were snuggled up with is developed.

M1 "same old tomorrow's glow" guided by a lyrical piano, M15 "the hot-air balloon floating in the chilly sky", relaxing M3 "toro" M8 "ongoing" Listening to M6 "bange" that participated in the chorus, M7 "alphabetagammadelta" with a pleasant jazzy approach, M9 "rufous scene" beautifully played by the keyboard and strings and M12 "break in the parking" where harmonica spreads nostalgia It is an album full of stuff, but what should be noted is the vocal song of Airi Hashimoto who participates as well as 1st.

Debuted in 2010-Selected as the best rookie in the HMV campaign "NEXT ROCK ON"-The vocalist of the girl band "Spankle", a vocalist who learned the song and archeology Ari Hashimoto sings M2 / 4/10 / The four songs in 14 show that satohyoh's talent as a songwriter, making use of her transparent voice, has led to the appeal of this work to a higher level.

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¥1,980 税込